terça-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2008

A letter to Tulio

Dear Tulio,

I hope you know I'm copying your friend. This idea is not original - but, as I know you appreciate good initiatives, I might say you'll enjoy this one.

The new year is coming closer and I know the plans you have - even though you don't like planning life - can come true as you wish. That's not only that bullshit everybody will tell you after hugging you at midnight. That's for real.

Let life go as naturally as you can, don't try to predict anything, act as normally as possible - be all smiles and friendly, yes - and keep getting to know the people you like and need to be satisfied. Don't forget your goals, mostly your beliefs and the power people have to change everything at their own surroundings.

Party a lot, watch the greatest films, keep your works up to your neck, your routine as tirely as possible, keep dancing and singing badly. Get disappointed and brokenhearted. Just never stop listening. And getting emotional. Laugh, a lot, please.

Start your french. That's an order!

Try to starting running. Read more than you have been doing lately. Take the pictures you ever wanted. The causes you ever believed. Go to the places you ever fancied.

Be happy!


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